Redefining What It Means To Have Enterprise Pick You Up – With Joel McHale

Enterprise is more than just car rental, and it was Cannonball’s job to let the world know.

Through a national TV campaign that launched during the Olympics, we introduced the brand’s total transportation solution story – that you can “Rent, Buy or Share” a vehicle – driving home that Enterprise is the one place to go for all the places life takes you.

"One Giant Rollout" Broadcast Commercial introduced the new Enterprise.

The first spot of the campaign, “One Giant Roll Out”, starred comedian Joel McHale and featured epic special effects as one vehicle literally rolled out of the next. Joel comically plays a different version of himself in each vehicle, introducing all the different ways Enterprise can pick you up. After this spot launched, Enterprise surpassed every other brand in the category in “unaided awareness” measurement. The spot also was exceptional in exceeding all Millward Brown Ad Diagnostics, like “New Information”, “Makes Me Likely To Use” and “Enjoyed Watching.”

A look behind the scenes.

Mama Wants To Drive Like A Mother

Next it was Kristen Bell’s turn to show all the different ways Enterprise picks her up, from the brand’s “alarmingly sensible” Car Share service to the Exotic Car Collection from Enterprise “because sometimes ‘mama wants to drive like a mother…’”

Cannonball continued to expand Enterprise’s “So many Ways To Pick You Up” campaign by locating the story at actual locations. And look! There’s a surprisingly self-aware Kristen Bell takeing a tour of all the ways Enterprise can pick you up today. 

From Car Rental to alarmingly sensible Car Share, Truck Rental, and Exotics (‘cause, you know, sometimes mama wants to drive like a mother), the creative and Kristen explain how Enterprise has all your transportation needs covered.  (Sure, maybe not skateboards or jetpacks. But who knows?)

The :30 TV spot broke on the NHL Centennial Classic, with digital shorts to follow where Kristen interacts with specific lines of business.

"If Only" Broadcast Commercial
"It's Perfect" digital video