National Car Rental

Turning “Control” Into A Character

When Enterprise purchased National Car Rental in 2007, Cannonball was tasked with bringing the brand out of dormancy. We initially created the “Business Pro”, bringing National back to recognition by targeting business travelers, and celebrating their ability to navigate travel. We also created the idea that National gives you what you really want – choice and control.

After several successful years, National needed to expand their audience, and continue to evolve the idea. Thus was born “The Control Enthusiasts” character, a humorous way to make an emotional connection and still communicate our core strength – Control.

"Control Enthusiasts" campaign debut commerical.
In year two, Patrick branched out. "Suits Me"
Self Appendectomy
National Car Rental Control Enthusiast Patrick Warburton
"Control Enthusiasts Guide To Life" digital content series
"Control Enthusiasts Guide To Life" digital content series
A pre-roll ad that we encourage to skip. Literally.
Digital videos extended the "love" of our broadcast spot online.
National Control Enthusiast Patrick Warburton

The Results

Our campaign was the boss, outperforming norms in all consumer-scored categories.

  • Makes brand appealing: 75 (norm 56)
  • Likely to use: 68 (norm 38)
  • Enjoyed watching: 84 (norm 55)
  • Would talk about with friends: 51 (norm 33)